The Kenny Davern & Bob Wilber Summit at the March of Jazz 1994-96 DVD

Artists / Instruments:
Kenny Davern-clarinet, Bob Wilber-soprano sax, Derek Smith-piano, George Van Eps-guitar, Milt Hinton-bass, Jackie Williams-drums, Dick Hyman-piano, Bucky Pizzarelli-guitar, Tony DeNicola-drums, Ralph Sutton-piano, Phil Flanigan-bass, Jake Hanna-drums, Jack Lesberg-bass, Joe Ascione-drums, Flip Phillips-saxophone, Howard Alden-guitar, Bob Rosengarden-drums

Soprano Summit was a surefire showstopper at the Marches of Jazz, and for that matter, wherever Kenny and Bob joined forces with a good support team. For those who were there it is a bittersweet experience to revisit these happy moments from what seems only yesterday--until one realizes how many of our heroes (and friends) seen here have left the bandstand forever. This all-star cast of 16 is, it so happens, evenly divided between the quick and the dead, and it still hurts to call the honor roll: Kenny Davern, Tony De Nicola, Milt Hinton, Jack Lesberg, Flip Phillips, Bobby Rosengarden, Ralph Sutton, George Van Eps. But once the music gets to you--and that comes quickly--you´re just glad that it´s been preserved. From the notes by Dan Morgenstern, Director, Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University

Beale Street Blues, Love Me Or Leave Me, Nobody´s Sweetheart, Rosetta, Yellow Dog Blues, Hindustan, I´m Sorr I Made You Cry, All By Myself, Somebody Stole My Gal, Buddy Bolden´s Blues, As Long As I Live, Should I?, Comes Love, Cottontail

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