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Diego Figueiredo | My World
Diego Figueiredo | My World

Diego Figueiredo | My World

Arbors Records

ARCD: 19487

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"The music of Diego Figueiredo has the ability to take your breath away in so many ways."

For My World, Diego Figueiredo features his most recent compositions—music that finds him exploring several different styles on his nylon guitar. An orchestra on his own, he explores melody, chords, harmonies, bass lines, and solos all coming out of his instrument in a spontaneous fashion, backed by a veritable who's who of New York-based Brazilian jazz scene—Duduka Da Fonseca, drums, Helio Alves, piano, Nilson Matta, bass and guests Ken Peplowski, clarinet/sax and Nicholas Payton, trumpet.

''Diego Figueiredo is one of the greatest guitarists I've seen in my whole life. The world needs to listen to his music.''
George Benson

Track Listing

1 Malandrinho
2 Regards From Bahia
3 Por Las Calles De New York
4 Mar Aberto
5 lnfancia
6 Tiramissu
7 Areia Branca
8 Caixote
9 Brain Storm
10 Back To Copacabana
11 My Friend Ken
12 Railroad