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To reach us directly through email, please go to:

How do you send my CDs?

Each order is hand picked and packed through our fulfillment center in Tampa, Florida USA. We ship via the most cost effective way to your location, usually USPS or UPS. Once you've placed your order you will automatically receive a confirmation and subsequent status updates.

How to I stay in touch for the latest releases, sales, etc...?

The easier way to stay connected to us is to subscribe to our email list. We do not share your email or personal information, we only send an email on special announcements and pre-sales. You can always unsubscribe (but think of what you'll be missing)...

Need more info?

If we haven't answered your questions in the FAQ above, feel free to drop us an note using this form and we'll get back to you shortly. Or email us directly at:

We will respond as soon as possible. usually within 24 hours.