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Nik Payton and Bob Wilber: Swinging the Changes

Nik Payton and Bob Wilber: Swinging the Changes

Arbors Records

ARCD: 19358

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Nik Payton-tenor sax, clarinet
Bob Wilber-alto sax, soprano sax, clarinet
Richard Busiakiewicz-piano
Dave Green-bass
Steve Brown-drums

Bob Wilber has recorded high-quality jazz for over sixty years. He studied and played with New Orleans legend Sidney Bechet and is the inheritor of Bechet's fire and his soulful way of phrasing and melody. Mr. Wilber plays many styles of jazz with authority, elegance, and originality. On this CD, he performs with his young proteg Nik Payton in the classic tradition of "on the bandstand" mentorship particular to jazz. Mr. Payton demonstrates his worthiness to receive and represent the rich, glorious legacy of this ever-evolving music. Let's listen in on how a master passes timeless wisdom to the next generation. Enjoy. —Wynton Marsalis

I Won't Dance, Swinging the Changes, If Only You Knew, I Believe in Miracles, Jasmine, No More Bules, You Are Too Beautiful, California Here I Come, Rabbit Jumped the Frog, Ode To Pug, Skybloo, Dialogue, JP's Tee, Scuttlebrook Bounce, The Sage, Circulatin' in C