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Dick (Hyman) and Derek (Smith) at the Movies

Dick (Hyman) and Derek (Smith) at the Movies

Arbors Records

ARCD: 19197

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Dual Pianos: Dick Hyman and Derek Smith

"There is really nothing that can prepare one for the effervescence that erupts after they sit down at their respective pianos and start sending shock waves and undulations of beautiful, seamless chords and runs. You know that years of practice and work have gone into what each brings to the table, and yet it all seems so fresh and of the moment... The amazing thing is, no matter how many times you've heard them play the same number, it's always different, never mechanical One time Dick will take the melody, the next it'll be Derek. Sometimes they don«t know themselves until they're into it, creating new ideas, taking new chances, never losing the story line but building more subplots than Tolstoy. And swinging better than Tolstoy. Boy, do they swing!"

—Jim Lowe, long-time New York and national radio personality and musicologist.

Dick (Hyman) and Derek (Smith) At The Movies: Selected as one of the top ten jazz recordings of 1999 by Swiss National Radio Broadcasting System. Selected as one of Meilleurs Disques Chroniques en 1999 by Le Hot Club de France Federation

What is This Thing Called Love
All God's Chillun Got Rhythm
Forty-Second Street
The Way You Look Tonight
I Love You, Samantha
As Time Goes By
Singin' In the Rain
Lulu«s Back in Town
Cecilia's Theme
You Are Too Beautiful
All My Life
The Boy Next Door
The Entertainer