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Dick Hyman and John Sheridan: Forgotten Dreams

Dick Hyman and John Sheridan: Forgotten Dreams

Arbors Records

ARCD: 19248

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Dick Hyman - piano
John Sheridan - piano

"Novelty Piano" These beautiful, often haunting, piano pieces performed by Dick Hyman and John Sheridan come to us like a forgotten dream we may struggle to recall. They were once at the center of American popular culture, but memories of this anomaly now barely flicker on a horizon blurred by the passing years. Dick Hyman and John Sheridan are veteran sages who have been drawn together over and over to perform dual piano programs, and their abilities to play two pianos as one have been steadily refined over a period of almost fifteen years. Much of the music on this CD is laced with a bittersweet flavor which will charm the listener, and, while all selections are period pieces, all have upon renewed listening a freshness that is timeless.

—From the album notes by Jim Cullum, the proprietor of the famous San Antonio restaurant, The Landing, which is the home of his renowned Jim Cullum Jazz Band and the site of the weekly PBS radio show Riverwalk, Live From The Landing.

Echo of Spring, Concentratin', Morning Air, Finger Buster, In The Dark, Soliloquy, Spring Fever, Southern Charms, Aunt Jemima's Birthday, Dancing Tambourine, Midsummer's Nightmare, Nickel In the Slot, Grandfather's Clock, My Pet, Lace Embroidery, Southern Exposure, Hobson Street Blues, Eye Opener, The Legend of Lonesome Lake (From Adirondack Sketches)