5 For Freddie: Bucky Pizzarelli's Tribute to Freddie Green

5 For Freddie: Bucky Pizzarelli's Tribute to Freddie Green

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ARCD: 19344

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Musicians: Bucky Pizzarelli - guitar, Warren Vache - cornet, John Bunch - piano, Jay Leonhart - bass, Mickey Roker - drums

Playing rhythm guitar is an arcane art, fast dying away. For the ever dwindling number of rhythm thunderers in the world, the Freddie Green sound is our Holy Grail and instantly recognizable. And no one appreciates the artistry of Freddie Green more than Bucky Pizzarelli. Freddie, known to his band mates as ÒPepper, Ó played rhythm guitar for over fifty years, most notably in Count BasieÕs dream rhythm section of the late Ô30s and early Ô40s that the jazz world named "The All-American Rhythm Section." Bill Basie on piano, Freddie Green on guitar, Walter Page on bass, and Jo Jones on drums were admired by jazz fans worldwide and envied by every other big band leader. "The All-American Rhythm Section" played with restraint, drive, perfect time, and enough swing to alter the Earth«s orbit. Performing in their roles, the "Cast" on this recording, Bucky on guitar, John Bunch on piano, Jay Leonhart on bass, Mickey Roker on drums, plus the added ÒSweetsÓ Edison-style muted cornet of Warren Vach, account for over 250 years of jazz experience. Every track here abounds with taste, humor, restraint, witty quotes, invention, and swing. Just listen, enjoy, and smile...maybe even dance. Excerpted from the album notes by Michael Pettersen, who has written extensively on rhythm guitar technique and history and authors a web site dedicated to Freddie Green - the Master of Rhythm Guitar
Groovin« High, Bustin« Suds, For Lena and Lennie, Up In the Blues, Down for Double, High Tide, Dreamsville, Shiny Stockings, Centerpiece, Corner Pocket, All of Me, Sophisticated Swing, Lester Leaps In