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Bean: Bob Wilber's Tribute to Coleman Hawkins

Bean: Bob Wilber's Tribute to Coleman Hawkins

Arbors Records

ARCD: 19144

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Bob Wilber
Harry Allen
Antti Sarpila and Tommy Whittle: Tenor Saxes
Mick Pyne: Piano
Dave Cliff: Guitar
Dave Green: Bass
Clark Tracey: Drums

"Bob Wilber, in company with tenor saxophonists Harry Allen, Antti Sarpila and Tommy Whittle, demonstrate their mutual love and affection for the master, Coleman Hawkins, performing a series of arrangements and original tunes aimed at capturing the Hawkins sound with a sax section. 

Bean: Bob Wilber's Tribute to Colman Hawkins: Selected by Frank Rutter and by Al Van Starrex as a 1996 Writer's Choice in the January/February 1997 issue of Coda and by Stanley Dunce as a 1996 Critic's Choice in the February 1997 issue of Jazz Journal International.


The Man I Love
Netcha's Dream
Crazy Rhythm
Low Flame
Just a Gigolo
Pick-Up Boys
Bean N' Soul
When Day Is Done
Feedin' The Bean
Flight of the Hawk