Bobby Gordon Plays Joe Marsala: Lower Register

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Bobby Gordon-clarinetRandy Reinhart-trumpetKeith Ingham-piano, celeste and arrangementsRussell George-violinJames Chi...



Bobby Gordon-clarinet
Randy Reinhart-trumpet
Keith Ingham-piano, celeste and arrangements
Russell George-violin
James Chirillo-guitar
Vince Giodano-bass
Arnie Kinsella and Steve Little-drums

Commemorating Joe Marsala's centennial year, Marsala's protege Bobby Gordon makes the bandleader's compositions come to life with fresh arrangements from pianist Keith Ingham, rendered by a sparkling group of musicians. The music evokes the Hickory House on that famed 52nd Street of jazz in New York City in the 1930s and '40s. Look around, you might catch Ian Fleming nursing a bourbon and branch water at the bar; Harpo Marx asking Adele Girard for jazz harp lessons and on ay given night you might catch actors Henry Fonda, Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, BBC broadcaster Alistair Cooke, opera star Lawrence Tibbett and lyricist Lorenz Hart. The band is hot and Joe's clarinet cooks!

—Eleisa Marsala Trampler, the daughter of Joe and Adele Girard Marsala

Woo-Woo, Southern Comfort, Don't Cry Joe, Little Sir Echo, Say When,* Morning Star,* Hot String Beans, Jim-Jam Stomp, And So To Sleep Again, I Don't Have To Dream Any More,* Angelique,* Bird Man Blues, Village Blues, Like Never Before,* Lower Register, You Can Never Give Me Back My Heart,* I Must Be Dreaming

* Never previously recorded

All selections written or co-written by Joe Marsala

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