Buck Pizzarelli and the West Texas Tumbleweeds: Back in The Saddle Again

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Bucky Pizzarelli: epiphone, rhythm guitar, bass guitarJohn Pizzarelli: guitar (except 3, 13), harmony vocal (4, 7)Mar...



Bucky Pizzarelli: epiphone, rhythm guitar, bass guitar
John Pizzarelli: guitar (except 3, 13), harmony vocal (4, 7)
Martin Pizzarelli: bass
Monty Alexander: piano, Melodian (7), vocal (13)
Tommy White: pedal steel guitar
Aaron Weinstein: violin
Tony Tedesco: drums
Andy Levas: guitar and vocal (2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11)
Rebecca Kilgore: guitar (3), vocal (1, 6, 12)

Buck Pizzarelli rides again, with 13 new songs, Monty Alexander, a new sidekick who's a legend in his own right, and a new instrumental sound of a bass guitar that shows just how low he can go. With his Magnificent Seven, who have an easy rapport and nonchalant virtuosity on the instrumental numbers, and two singers who bring their own style to country croonin', they are breathing new life into a great musical tradition.

Lone Star Swing, Hey, Porter, There's A Gold Mine In the Sky, Back in The Saddle Again, Folsom Prison Blues, Along The Navajo Trail, Drifting Along With the Tumbling Tumbleweeds, Red River Valley, Understand Your Man, Cold Cold Heart, Heartaches By the Numbers, Hard Life Blues, Happy Trails

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