Buddy DeFranco: Charlie Cat II

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Buddy DeFranco-clarinetLou Soloff-trumpetHoward Alden-guitarJoe Cohn-guitarDerek Smith-pianoRufus Reid-bassEd Metz, J...



Buddy DeFranco-clarinet
Lou Soloff-trumpet
Howard Alden-guitar
Joe Cohn-guitar
Derek Smith-piano
Rufus Reid-bass
Ed Metz, Jr-drums

The 2006 National Endowment of The Arts Jazz Master, Buddy DeFranco, shows us he still knows how to swing in this exciting session backed by all-stars Rufus Reid, Lou Soloff, Joe Cohn, Howard Alden and Ed Metz, Jr. In the words of Rufus Reid, "The music was demanding and you couldn't mess with it or you got messed over." Buddy is a unique voice in jazz. As Terry Gibbs put it, "When Buddy came in playing from Charlie Parker's school, he scared everybody because nobody could play the clarinet that way." And it is just as true today.

Charlie Cat II, All My Life, By Myself, Walk This Way, What Is This Thing Called Love?, Ill Wind, Joy Spring, Once More With Feeling, For Keeps, Anthropology

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