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Eddie Higgins: Time On My Hands

Eddie Higgins: Time On My Hands

Arbors Records

ARCD: 19236

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Eddie Higgins: Solo Piano

"Although the year 2000 marks my 50th year as a professional and I have been recording since 1957, I've never made an entirely solo album. Playing solo piano presents both challenges and opportunities. Obviously, there's no place to hide: you're the rhythm section, the soloist and the arranger all rolled into one, so every note counts. On the other hand, the freedom is complete: if you feel like a change of key, tempo or meter (or even of song!) it's up to you without having to explain anything to anybody. I've been lucky in my career in the sense that I've been able to work solo, duo, trio (a lot), with horns and with singers, one of my favorite formats. All of them have their own delights, but playing solo on a great instrument for an appreciative audience ranks pretty high for me." —Eddie Higgins.

"This pianist has great feeling for a song and treats every piece with respect and good taste. Producer, Mat Domber, insisted that Eddie confine his choice of solo material to songs he had never recorded before. This CD is highly recommended to those of you who love pianists who never lose the melody. This album is no. 6 in the Arbors Records Piano Series."

—Richard Bourcier

Can't Get Out of This Mood
I Hadn't Anyone Till You
Lucky to Be Me
You and the Night and the Music
You Turned the Tables on Me
A Handful of Stars
A Sleepin' Bee
Say It Isn't So
Time Medley: I Didn't Know What Time It Was/Time Was/ Time on My Hands
Nina Never Knew
Stairway to the Stars
A Blues Serenade