Evan Christopher: Delta Bound featuring Dick Hyman

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Evan Christopher clarinetsDick Hyman pianoBill Huntington bassShannon Powell drums "It's not every day that the jazz ...



Evan Christopher clarinets
Dick Hyman piano
Bill Huntington bass
Shannon Powell drums

"It's not every day that the jazz scene witnesses the arrival of an instrumentalist who can combine an ambitiously fresh perspective with respect for tradition as thoroughly and evenly as Evan Christopher does. He understands that it's not the notes but the feeling behind them and the human connections that result that matter most in New Orleans jazz. Imbuing each performance with palpable emotional content is what Evan does best, yet he is also a superb technician. He places himself within this tradition, and it is appropriate that he should do so, because he is advancing it at a time when some might assume that it is already extinct."

—From the album notes by Dr. Bruce Boyd Raeburn, the Curator, Hogan Jazz Archive, Tulane University.

Vieux Carr, Ramble on Rampart Street, Creole Belles, New Orleans, Kiss Me Sweet, La Ciudad Criolla, The King of Trem, Desire, Out of There, While We Danced at the Mardi Gras, Sunday Mornings, Delta Bound

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