Harry Allen-Joe Cohn Quartet with Rebecca Kilgore & Eddie Erickson: Guys and Dolls

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Harry Allen tenor saxJoe Cohn guitarJoel Forbes bassChuck Riggs drumsRebecca Kilgore vocalsEddie Erickson vocals "Th...



Harry Allen tenor sax
Joe Cohn guitar
Joel Forbes bass
Chuck Riggs drums
Rebecca Kilgore vocals
Eddie Erickson vocals

"These sessions were a triumph of sounds, of teamwork, of joyous musicality. Savor the gratifying timbres of instrument and voice: the croon of Harry's tenor, the seductive rasp of Eddie's voice, the creamy texture of Becky's, the cello-like magenta of Joel's bass, Joe's translucent chords, the ocean swell of Chuck's snare-drum rolls. Here, Loesser is More, as this sextet revels in buoyant improvising on familiar but surprisingly rewarding melodies."

—Michael Steinman, occasionally, Professor of English at Nassau Community College; now and again, he writes for The Mississippi Rag, Cadence, All About Jazz, and Jazz Improv.

Guys and Dolls, If I Were a Bell, A Woman in Love, Luck Be a Lady, Pet Me, Poppa, Sue Me, Marry the Man Today, Take Back Your Mink, Adelaide, I've Never Been in Love Before, Fugue for Tinhorns, Adelaide's Lament, Sit Down You're Rockin' the Boat, I'll Know, Guys and Dolls

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