John Sheridan's Dream Band: Easy As It Gets, Featuring Rebecca Kilgore

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John Sheridan, pianoRandy Reinhart, cornetRuss Phillips, tromboneRon Hockett, clarinetScott Robinson, tenor saxo...



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John Sheridan, piano
Randy Reinhart, cornet
Russ Phillips, trombone
Ron Hockett, clarinet
Scott Robinson, tenor saxophone
Phil Flanigan, bass
Bob Leary, guitar
Joe Ascione, drums
featuring Rebecca Kilgore, vocals

"This is the fourth CD by the Dream Band and, to my ears, the finest so far. On every track, they create lovely jazz and dance music laden with inspiring hot solos, subtle arranged passages, exuberant collective improvisation, and tender ballads. But the Dream Band isn't self-consciously historical, copying riffs from Vocalion 78s: these musicians love the tradition, but their playing is inventive, the result is timeless."

—Michael Steinman, Professor of English at Nassau Community College in New York, who has written and edited six books, and is a staff writer for Cadence and The Mississippi Rag

Devil May Care, Easy As It Gets, Spring Cleaning (Getting Ready for Love), Morning Glory, You Leave Me Breathless, Cherry, It's So Peaceful in the Country, You Lucky People You, The Gypsy, Someone Like You, When We're Alone (Penthouse Serenade), You Do Something To Me, Me, Myself and I (Are All In Love with You), Dedicated to You, I'm Sitting On Top of the World

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