Kenny Davern Quartet at the Outpost Performance Space

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Kenny Davern-clarinetJames Chirillo-guitarGreg Cohen-bassTony DeNicola-drums "There are other fine clarinetists aro...



Kenny Davern-clarinet
James Chirillo-guitar
Greg Cohen-bass
Tony DeNicola-drums

"There are other fine clarinetists around. But Kenny is the master jazz musician on this instrument, and has been for a quarter of a century and more. He actually has acquired all those qualities that he admired in he predecessors—virtuosity, adventurousness, fluidity, mellifluousness. For evidence, you only need listen to this album which contains some of hi finest playing of recent years. For all these years he«s preserved not just the repertoire of classic jazz, but—much more important— the way, the zen, the spirit that lies at the heart of all living jazz."

—From the album notes by Martin Gayford, the jazz critic of the Daily Telegraph, London

Ole Miss, Careless Love, Somebody Stole My Gal, Summertime, Spreadin' Knowledge Around, C.C. Rider, These Foolish Things, Royal Garden Blues

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