Lew Green & Joe Muranyi: Together

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Lew Green-cornetJoe Muranyi-clarinet and vocal on 6 & 10Jeff Barnhart-piano, celeste and vocal on 8Bob Leary-banj...



Lew Green-cornet
Joe Muranyi-clarinet and vocal on 6 & 10
Jeff Barnhart-piano, celeste and vocal on 8
Bob Leary-banjo, guitar and vocal on 10
Vince Giordano-tuba, bass, bass saxophone and vocal on 2
Danny Coots-drums

A brilliant collaboration showcasing cornetist Lew Green and clarinetist Joe Muranyi of Louis Armstrong All-Stars fame in a tasty musical outing by a unique combination of world-class players. All players shine in the spotlight, creating a cohesive group sound and refreshing new versions of classic tunes, some seldom recorded, including the first American recording of two originals by Joe Muranyi.

Oriental Man, Take Me To the Land of Jazz, Together, Four or Five Times, Piggly Wiggly, I Left My Sugar Standing in The Rain, Mississippi Rag, I Believe In Miracles, Storyville Swing, Rockin' Chair, I Know That You Know, Green Lake Blues, San

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