Scott Robinson Plays C-Melody Saxophone: Melody From the Sky

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Scott Robinson: C-Melody Saxophone
Larry Ham: Piano, Organ
James Chirillo" Guitar
Lee Hudson: Bass
Jon-Erik Kellso: Trumpet
Mark Shane: Piano, Organ
Greg Cohen: Bass, Bass Marimba
Marty Grosz: Guitar
Klaus Suonsaari: Drums
String Quartet: Valerie Levy, violin; Ming Yeh, violin; Carol Benner, viola; Hung-Chi Chen, cello

Scott Robinson has managed to bring the C-melody saxophone, that odd instrument of the 1920s, blazingly back to life in a typically original fashion. We have organ trios, a string quartet, trios with acoustic guitar and either bass or bass marimba, quartets with electric guitar, quintets which add a trumpet, and a series of duets with piano. Add to that the program, which ranges from Saint-Sans to Ellington to Beiderbecke to Scott Robinson, and you can see that you're in for a hell of a ride. There is an element of music coming down from the sky and being transmitted through Scott that has tangible spiritual qualities. Music flows right out of him; here he has channeled it through the C-melody saxophone. From the album notes by Loren Schoenberg, jazz historian, writer, tenor saxophonist and big band leader.

"Scott Robinson plays a vintage C-melody sax like nobody else, past or present" Nat Hentoff, Wall Street Journal, August 4, 2000

Davenport Blues
Where Is Love?
Just Like a Melody Out of the Sky
I'm Making Believe
Saxophone Blues
This Is No Laughing Matter
Sweet Rhythm
The Swan (Le Cygne)
Ups and Downs
Count Your Blessings (Instead of Sheep)
For No Reason At All In C
Singin' the Blues (Till My Daddy Comes Home)
C Here (Scott Robinson)
A Melody From the Sky

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