The Jack Teagarden Club Hangover Broadcasts with Jackie Coon

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Jack Teagarden (trombone)Jackie Coon (trumpet)Jay St. John (clarinet)Norma Teagarden, Don Ewell, Lillian Hardin Armst...



Jack Teagarden (trombone)
Jackie Coon (trumpet)
Jay St. John (clarinet)
Norma Teagarden, Don Ewell, Lillian Hardin Armstrong (piano)
Ray Bauduc (drums)

This double-CD from Arbors contains four half-hour broadcasts by the Jack Teagarden sextet during its stay at the Club Hangover in San Francisco. At the time the trombonist's band featured trumpeter Jackie Coon, the obscure but talented clarinetist Jay St. John, Jack's sister Norma Teagarden on piano, bassist Kas Malone and drummer Ray Bauduc. Because of some odd regulations, Jack Teagarden was not allowed to sing at these engagements (because otherwise the music would be classified as "entertainment" and the club-owner would be subject to an additional tax) so the performances are strictly instrumentals. In addition to the band numbers, on each broadcast the intermission pianist had a chance to play one number; Lil Armstrong and Don Ewell are both heard from twice. The Dixieland music is generally quite spirited if predictable and the three horns all get in their fair share of heated solos on the familiar warhorses. 

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