The Warren Vache-John Allred Quintet: Top Shelf

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Warren Vache: cornet, vocal 12John Allred: tromboneTardo Hammer: pianoNicki ParrottLeroy Williams: drums Warren Vache...



Warren Vache: cornet, vocal 12
John Allred: trombone
Tardo Hammer: piano
Nicki Parrott
Leroy Williams: drums

Warren Vache says: "The first CD that John and I did in Switzerland for Arbors (Jubilation) was a ball. I love playing with this band—they're all very creative and they all have something to say, and it inspires me to keep going. This line-up is something pretty special and it's something I'd like to do more of.... it demonstrates that played by such a hot band, bop can be as exciting and entertaining as any of the earlier jazz genres, and is not merely an intellectual exercise."

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